The bubble has burst!

Firstly I have decided to call it a day on running local community music websites; it’s a thankless task, which is fine, but when people criticise the way that the site is run, that’s another matter. I can take criticism if it is constructive and well founded, but comments like “you talk a load of shit” and “the fucking idiot should be banned” doesn’t fall under either category. I have already initiated the cancellation procedure on the domain so that will become inactive within the next four weeks. It pisses me off big time as running a site like this isn’t cheap, no free-host would be able to do it, yet people constantly moan and bitch about everything and I really could do without that; I have enough problems in the real world without adding problems from the virtual world. The big real world issue at the moment is the fact that I may need to move out again very soon as it looks like the sale of the house is going to fall through as Stephen acted on bad advice from the mortgage advisor, and now needs to find £13,000 deposit very quickly which isn’t going to happen baring a miracle. Originally the mortgage advisor assured him that he would get a 100% mortgage, but seems that isn’t a possibility at the moment, which leaves us up a river without a paddle! The original agreement between the owner and Stephen was that he could move in and pay the mortgage rates, until the sale went through, but the owner has reneged on that agreement and wants to sell the house now. Which is the annoying thing as we could organise the deposit if we had a few months to sort something out, Stephen is investigating the possibility of getting a first time buyer loan from the government to pay the deposit, but that may take three months, which the owner isn’t willing to wait? But the stupid thing is that if we moved out; the house could be empty and unsold for months or even years, there seems to be an awful lot of houses on the market around our area and they don’t seem to be shifting, so this house maybe the same! Just shows that whenever I think things are going right, I get another kick in the teeth; what do you have to do to get ahead in this country; what’s this world coming to when you can earn £22,500 per annum and not be able to buy a £136,000 house over 35 years? And people wonder why I dont bother voting!

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