Web presence gone…

…all but one; I have been slowly deleting all my various profile pages around the internet, including MySpace, Livejournal and deleting all contacts that I have made through the music community. I am reverting back to a time before I jumped on the live music bandwagon with the Phoenix. I am getting increasingly stressed and wound up by the amount of people that moan and bitch about me shutting down PMS; why should I bother? I am not getting any financial rewards from it, people are all take, take, take these days, and want everything for free, bollocks to that is what I say, I have to pay to get decent hosting, why should I maintain and host such a site when all I get is people bitching at me about every decision I make regarding the sites. The only site I plan to keep on running is this ‘blog; everything else is gone, I can start worrying about my own problems and to hell with everyone else! I have even been considering saving as much money as I can in the next six months and getting a passport and moving to an Iceberg, joining Leo & Cleo and the Mad Viking… but that’s unlikely to happen really, but a move out of Plymouth could be on the cards. I hate life here, I hate my job, and I don’t really have much keeping me in Plymouth at the moment, Stephen did suggest that we should move to Norway, which sounds very tempting at the moment, apparently English people have no trouble getting jobs over there, as we are recognised as good workers in Norway, although it seems strange, knowing that a huge number of people are quite happy to live off the welfare state for the rest of their lives, so they must have a dodgy source of information! But I am at a point where I don’t have much to lose now, just sell everything I own and disappear off the scope!

At least there is some good news; I am feeling a lot more human again today, seems that yesterday was the worst of the flu, hopefully tomorrow I will feel better still, as I am back to work and I am working upstairs, not a place where you want to be feeling ill as its in the main kitchen where food is being prepared. Also in work stuff I am going to get every alternate Saturday off, so one in every two weeks I will get a weekend off starting from Saturday 20th May, which will be nice as I am feeling the strain not having two consecutive days off unless I take a holiday, speaking of which I will need to book my holidays off soon, the dates have changed somewhat since I am no longer interested in local live music!

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