What a crap day…

…But such an amazing night. Work stuff was frustrating, firstly because I got a bollocking for nothing effectively, as outlined in a previous blog entry. I was supposed to be getting every second Saturday off, and because I told David who wasn’t included in the Saturday’s off thing, he threw his toys out of the pram, and I got a bollocking for telling him from the wicked witch of the west and her chief brownnose. I just sat there and took it, kept my mouth shut; although it wasn’t easy; I had plenty of choice words in my arsenal ready for deployment. Later in the day it was obviously the FA Cup final, and I spent most of the afternoon loitering around the kitchen where the only radio is. Much to my shock and horror, Liverpool were suddenly 2 – 0 down, but Djibril Cisse managed to pull one back for Liverpool before half time, and Steven Gerrard launched an unstoppable rocket after the interval to bring the reds level. At this point I was thinking that Liverpool would run away with it, but no, there was another twist, West Ham took the lead again ten minutes later. And it stayed that way until the injury time, when Steven Gerrard rescued the game once again to make it 3 – 3 meaning extra time. At that point I had finished my shift at work, so legged it over to the pub to watch the extra time. Nothing much happened in extra time until the dying moments, when Pepe Reina made a fantastic save to deny West Ham’s Nigel Reo-Coker a winning goal. Reina was also the hero of the hour in the ensuing penalty shootout; saving three penalties to give Liverpool the win; although you have to feel sorry for the West Ham fans as neither team deserved to lose really as they gave so much in the match, but that win that put me in a good mood for the evening session.

The evening session being an adventure out to the Edgecumbe Arms in Milton Abbott, which is former Phoenix owners Helen and Leslie’s new pub; and I have to say that it’s a nice little pub, more Helen and Leslies style, typical country pub. But what an amazing night, haven’t had a good time like that in ages; it was good to catch up with all old Phoenix regulars for a royal piss up! But some of the things that happened were so funny and entertaining it’s unbelievable, you wouldn’t get that in JFK’s. One of those things was a song that kept on skipping backwards, with Phil knowing every word and singing along, everytime it skipped back a big cheer went up, and we were all in stitches, the bizarre thing is that Helen and Leslie and the locals were oblivious to the fact and were wondering what was going on every time a cheer went up. There was so many little things that made it such a good night to write about here, but the journey home was brilliant as well with pretty much everyone on the coach singing the Dad’s Army theme, “who do you thing you are kidding Mr. Hitler, if you think old England’s done;” – I think we should make a point of doing this again, hiring a coach and taking everyone along again, maybe every three months as it something special and out of the ordinary that you can’t fail to have a good time! Myself and Stephen plan to go out and see Leslie and Helen one weekend; but I have to say ‘cheers’ to Leslie for organising this, and hosting the Plymouth ‘Massive’.

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