Got a phone call at 8:48 this morning saying that the Abbey have finally accepted me for a new account and that I will be getting a VISA Electron debit card. This is fine for the time being, hopefully within a few months I will be upgraded to a full VISA Delta card. I am going to drop the new bank details into the pay office at Derrys today, as my wages will be paid in on Thursday night, although I fear that I wont be able to withdraw any money until next week some time as they said the card and pin number will be sent out within the next week, hopefully I will have both card and pin by Friday, but I won’t be betting on that, as the card is probably going to take a couple of days to get here, and the pin usually arrives two or three days later, so I am looking at Monday or Tuesday next week realistically. I was planning on going away for the weekend as I have a three days off this weekend, and if I don’t have the card and pin by Friday I won’t be able to go, can’t do anything without any money, apart from stay at home, which is exceptionally annoying as I wanted to go to the pub to watch the opening England game on Saturday afternoon! When I do get all the cards, pin numbers and cheque books, I have been thinking of opening a separate account to start saving some money, after all I am approaching 30 now, so best start to think about the future, cant be reckless all my life! The Abbey allows for a separate savings account where I can deposit and withdraw money as and when I need to. I wasn’t thinking of saving huge amounts, but putting back £50 – £100 per month, may not sound like much, but over time it will build up, and of course the more I save, the more interest I get, so I think it’s a good idea to start saving for (as my dad would say) “a rainy day”. Whether I will actually stick to it is another matter, there’s many temptations out there trying to relieve me of my money!

Other general good things that have happened; we may have been given a lifeline with this house; apparently there’s a buyer that’s interested in the property, who must be a landlord looking to expand his property ownership and is willing to keep us on as tenants. This is obviously a good thing as none of us really want to move as we have everything set up as we want it and we all get on relatively well (lets face it we cant get on all the time). Obviously this is up in the air at the moment, but we are hopeful, not the ideal solution, as Stephen really wanted to buy the house, but it seems like things have conspired against him in his house buying exploits, but this option should it happen is the next best thing as won’t have to uproot everything again, no internet, no Sky TV, and all those things we take for granted!

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