Carry on Camping!

I got back from my weekend trip away to TenCreek Caravan Park in Looe in Cornwall, and I have to say that it was a successful weekend overall. We had good company, myself, Stephen, Nic, Trev, Clare, Darren and Stephen’s little sister Toni, and we had good weather for the most part and far too much beer, infact so much that we actually took more than a full pack of 24 cans home with us. It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, nothing spectacular happened, but it was good to get out of Plymouth and do something instead of going to JFK’s, getting drunk and ending up wasting Saturday because of a hangover. Although I am now completely knackered after the weekend’s activities, football, badminton and Frisbee means that these old legs are feeling the strain tonight. Oh and I even found Tomas‘ digital clock that he left there the last he was over in the UK!

Obviously I watched the England match on Saturday afternoon in the club and I have to say that I wasn’t overly impressed with the England performance. England looked quite strong in the first half, and looked the more likely to score goals, but couldn’t improve on the headed own goal of Carlos Gamarra after David Beckham whipped in a vicious curling cross-cum-shot. Paraguay looked the better team in the second half, looking much sharper and the more likely of the two teams to score. Although I think that the South American team were happier playing in the intense heat as the England player complained of dehydration. There is some controversy over the referee denying the England players the chance to take water onboard, and the English FA have sent a ‘communication’ to FIFA about this situation! So I think it’s a case of ‘must do better’ in the next game as 1 – 0 against a team like Paraguay isn’t good enough really for a team of the quality of England (at least on paper). But Sweden failed to capitalise against England’s opponents next Thursday being held to a scoreless draw against Trinidad and Tobago, which means that England lead the group by two clear points after just one match. So assuming that England don’t slip on the potential banana peel that is Trinidad and Tobago on Thursday, they are all but guaranteed a qualification spot, and will mean that England only need a draw against the Swedes to claim the group winners crown; which is the ideal situation as we will avoid Germany in the second round assuming that they win their group; which isn’t a certainty to say the least!

Finally, all my worries about not having any money for this weekend were completely unfounded in the end. The money flowed into the Nationwide as normal and I transferred all the money out tonight to the new account. And as a bonus the Abbey have given me a £300 overdraft despite not actually asking for one, so my credit rating must be slowly improving. I am going to try to stay out of the overdraft if I can, I don’t want to get into the habit of dipping into it at the end of every month. But things are looking better now, I have gone from a basic account with cashcard to a full current account with chequebook and debit card with a £300 overdraft, so it looks like I made the right choice of bank!

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