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Today at work has been ‘interesting’ to say the least, yet I managed to miss all of it as I was working upstairs in the main kitchen today. David, the kitchen porter who I was replacing today had been sacked for theft yesterday came into the store and told a few home truths about how the place was run. And in the process managed to get banned from all Co-op’s (which I doubt is enforceable as there is hundreds of Co-ops in Plymouth alone). But the best one is that he told the deputy manager to go get a toupee because he looks stupid. And another person is leaving as well, who was supposedly ill yesterday, but obviously she went to a job interview as she handed in her notice this morning. Anyway, she had a go at all of us for saying that she was grass and that she got David fired. Yet I never heard anything about this, I did think about coming up with a smartarse reply, but couldn’t be bothered. Personally I don’t trust anyone these days (obviously there are a select few people that I trust, you know who you are), every time I put trust in someone they took advantage and screwed me over, so you can understand my stance on trusting people! So the net result is that we need two new staff, and until those positions get filled (if they ever do get filled) staff will have to be taken from the restaurant, which is seriously short staffed as it is; and a load of people are already looking for a way out, and I can’t say that I blame them in the least!

House related stuff isn’t looking too hopeful either, a young-ish couple came to view the house yesterday and they really liked the house, and since she looked like she is pregnant, I doubt that they are interested in buying this house as an investment and renting the house out to us. There is another viewer coming around to look at the house tonight, no idea of who they are, so it maybe someone else looking to buy the house as a family home, which obviously isn’t good for me, Stephen and Nic. It’s not the fact that we have to move that annoys me, it’s the fact that we will be without Sky TV and Internet for an undefined period of time, and obviously there are lots of costs involved in moving house again. So the question is; do I stick with Stephen and Nic or do I go it alone again, which will be the more expensive option, but I have total control of the situation, or rent a house with Nic and Stephen? I don’t have any real issues with Stephen, but there are some things that annoy me about Nic, which I can’t be bothered to go into now, but there are numerous niggling things!

Plymouth Argyle has found a replacement for Tony “Judas” Pulis in former Queens Park Rangers manager Ian Holloway. I don’t know much about the man, but the people in the know reckon that he’s a good manager, but I guess only the results next season will tell! Hopefully now that Argyle has a new manager David “Chuck” Norris will stay at Home Park and not follow Pulis to Stoke City. Roll on the 26th August, when Argyle visit the Britannia Stadium, it would be great to beat “Judas” on his own turf, and beat them even more convincingly when they visit the “Lions Den” at Home Park in March 2007!

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