Whats a complete and utter BASTARD!

After all his promises of taking Plymouth Argyle to the Pemiership and insisting that he’s in it for the long haul, Tony Pulis has buggered off back to Stoke, the same club that sacked him before Argyle gave him a lifeline at Home Park. Stoke have offered compensation to Plymouth Argyle, but that’s not what we needed, it’s going to destabilise the team, and as things stand we don’t even have a manager, which isn’t good in the preparation period for next season. And a couple of key signings have said that they won’t stay at Argyle unless Pulis stays on as manager. Let’s hope that Argyle can appoint someone sooner than later as we really don’t want to be going into the new season with a caretaker manager. It seems that there is no loyalty in football these days, and words obviously mean sweet fuck all, as players/managers just up and leave when it suits them. But I don’t understand this move; he’s made a sideways move unlike Paul Sturrock who moved to a Premiership club. Maybe Argyle should appoint former caretaker coach Kevin Summerfield to the full time manager’s role, as he obviously loved the club but was forced out when Williamson took over from Sturrock. Apart from surviving a third season in the Championship, my only wish would be to beat Stoke City convincingly on their own turf, but that remains to be seen, as things don’t look promising as things stand! And you know the irony most of the Stoke fans don’t want Pulis back, hopefully he will be sacked again by half way through the season, and tries to come crawling back to Plymouth and have the door slammed in his face!

In my last entry I said that I wouldn’t be spending out on new gadgets for the PC on the debit card for a while, well I have failed already! I have bought myself a new soundcard and speaker system as my current Audigy (v1) setup is showing its age, so I have gone for a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Pro, and a Creative I-Trigue 3600 speaker system. But these purchases are OK as the money I spent was disposable income, and sound is very important to me and as I use the computer as a music jukebox, it makes sense to spend some extra cash on the sound. Well that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Also in the last update I posted a little reminder about how to bypass the Windows Genuine Advantage (what’s the advantage exactly?), but it seems that since posting that update Microshite have found a way to block the use of this cracked dll file! So I’ll keep an eye out for a fix and let you know if I find a working fix to allow the download of Windows Updates once again, shouldn’t have to wait too long I would guess! MICROSHITE WILL NEVER WIN!

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