Anger Management!

After England’s loss to those cheating bastards Felipe Scolari and Portugal I got a text message from Nic saying “Oops” – is the guy a complete idiot, you never say something like that to a passionate England fan especially just after the match! I was fuming, threw my pint across the pub and probably been barred in the process, and stormed off to beat the shit out of Nic. Luckily for him Stephen managed to get back before me, and managed to hold me back, probably banking on me not wanting to hit him, which I didn’t my anger was singly aimed at Nic. In the tussle I managed to hurt my back on the table tennis table, although I didn’t feel it until much later when I calmed down somewhat. But I know I am very self destructive when angry, and my leather office chair and hi-fi speakers took the brunt of my anger, both things now completely fucked. I am still angry now, but not clouded by alcohol anymore. I really want to move out more than ever now, I can’t deal with Nic anymore, he deliberately winds people up, I am amazed that no-one has tried to attack him before. I am not a naturally violent person, but he managed to hit a sore spot and the red mist came in, from then on I was on autopilot! It’s not very often people see me get angry, normally I just lock myself away and take it out on some inanimate object, usually something expensive, and I think that I may have scared a few of my friends in the process. I have made a decision that from now on, I am stopping drinking completely as I don’t feel that it brings out the best in me. If I had been more sober, I wouldn’t have reacted in that way, I would have been angry, but commonsense would have kicked in, and I would have just gone up to my room and locked myself away! I’m not proud of my actions, but I am human and it was unlucky for Nic that broke the final straw that set me off on a rampage!

Back to the game, England should feel aggrieved to have lost the match as they outplayed the Portuguese for most of the match, even when England were reduced to ten men when Wayne Rooney was given a straight red. I think that the referee was far too harsh; he was fouled twice before he allegedly ‘stamped’ on Ricardo Carvalho, from the angle I saw, it didn’t look like he even touched him, and the Portuguese player made a complete meal of it; play acting to get Rooney sent off! And even before the match, Cristiano Ronaldo told Rooney that he was going to get him sent off; and that’s exactly what he did, just shows that Portugal and Scolari can’t win games without resorting to cheating and play-acting, that’s the second time in two matches they have resorted to such tactics to win matches. At least England has severed ties with that turnip from Sweden, who was the main contributor to the downfall of England this year with his team selections and formations. And David Beckham has also stepped down as captain after six years, hopefully Steve McClaren will ring in the changes and replace Beckham with Aaron Lennon, Beckham has been far from his best in an England shirt every since the disappointment of two years ago when England were again beaten by Portugal on penalties in the Euro2004 championships. I would also like to see Michael Carrick replace Frank Lampard who has been totally ineffective recently; and drop Peter Crouch off the nearest bridge as he’s a player that simply isn’t England material, infact I wouldn’t say that he’s Premiership material, hopefully Liverpool can palm him off on some other unsuspecting Premiership club! I could go on; but there is very little point, it wont change the fact the England have been dumped out of the world cup, but we can take solace that the world champions Brazil also went out last night at the hands of France who beat the south American side by a solitary goal scored by Thierry Henry; But I would like to see Germany win the tournament now, of the teams left I think Germany have the best team, and I dislike Germany less than any of the other remaining teams, obviously I would have loved to see an England versus Germany final, but that’s not going to happen now obviously. But the next match I will be cheering on France, to knock Scolari’s cheating team out of the tournament; as they definitely don’t deserve to win the world cup!

For a more technical, yet amusing assessment of the weekends events, visit coach Tomas!

My final bit of football news is that David Norris is ready to sign a two year extension to his contract which expires at the end of next summer. This is great news for Plymouth Argyle as Norris is one of Argyle’s key players and will be sorely missed if he did move to Stoke City with ‘Judas’ Pulis; let’s hope that this is a sign of good things to come!

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