Apple are blatant liars or there’s something wrong with my iPod? Apple claim that the model I have offers (upto) 14 hours of music playback, and currently mine only offers about 2 1/2 hours of playback. And before anyone gets any ideas, I haven’t been watching music videos, just plain vanilla DRM free mp3 files. So is Apple lying cheating American opportunists making claims that can’t deliver, or is it a fault in the iPod I have? Or have they made it so that it never achieves full charge while connected to the computer via USB, and to get full charge you need to shell out a further £20 for a mains power adapter? I have left the iPod on charge for 14 hours before, leaving the computer running overnight, and the iPod reported being fully charged, but this evening on the way home after just 2 1/2 hours of play the sound cut out and the low power indicator was displayed onscreen before promptly shutting down and refused to turn on back on until it had been connected to the computer for an hour! At this moment I feel cheated; it’s not like a cheap mp3 player that you wouldn’t mind being a little power hungry, its £220 worth of mp3 player; and battery life was one of the key factors of buying it, maybe I should have bought a Zen instead!

Oh and I have been spending too much money again, bought myself two box sets of DVD’s I already own, are you crazy you say? Well yes that has never been in doubt, but these are special extended editions and extra DVDs in the box. I have got The Matrix “Ultimate Edition” and Alien Quadriligy which features extended cuts of all the movies plus new commentaries and other extras not on the original discs. And best of all, each of them was worth £60, and I picked up both for £39; so it’s a bargain as far as I am concerned. Also today I bought a 9″ fan to keep me cool overnight as sleeping has been a problem for me recently, humidity really messes up my sleeping pattern, only grabbing a couple of hours each night, leaving me feeling like I have been run over by a steamroller in the morning!

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