I may never buy anything from high street shops ever again!

Yesterday I ordered more stuff from, I couldn’t resist the temptation of loads of cheap DVD’s, but at the sort of prices they are charging, that’s not a problem, six DVD’s for £51 is pretty damn good! I bought “Nightwish – End of an Era DVD + 2 CD set”; “Saw II”; “Creep”; “American Pie Presents: Band Camp”; “Underworld: Special Edition”; and “Frequency” – a movie I have been trying to get for ages, but street prices were £17 or above and I won’t pay that much for a DVD, had it for £7.99; bargain! But it does make you wonder how these retail stores survive when stuff is so cheap online, and in the case of; it’s free delivery as well, although delivery does take a few days from dispatch as its sent via normal Royal Mail delivery, but the bonus is that its dropped through your letter box so there’s no need to be home to accept delivery! Having a debit card has opened up a whole new world for me; which is why I wanted one so badly; and now Nationwide have lost out because of their resistance to giving me a debit card, guess the next thing on the list of stuff to buy online is groceries, or is that just being lazy? ;)

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