It’s looking terminal for the last two months!

Still no word back from 1&1 Internet since yesterday, so it looks like the last two months of archives have been consigned to the virtual graveyard in the sky sadly. Gone is all my world cup rantage; gone is Liverpool winning the FA Cup, and gone is all the fixes to bypass all the Microsoft WGA bullshit in recent months. 1&1 may still come through a restore my archives, but its not looking hopeful at the moment! I even went searching the Google cache to see if the archives have survived there, but sadly Google hasn’t cached it! I know it’s my own fault for being careless with my data, but that makes it even more annoying, if it was beyond my control I could have said “there was nothing I could do about it” – but I guess that I will have to put my hands up and post a message on the archives page stating that I am an incompetent prat and deleted the whole of the May and June archives!

Update: I think that 1&1 may well have thrown the archives a lifeline. I finally got a response first thing this morning (24th) asking when I deleted the files and if it would be OK to use the backup from the day before; which would be fine as the archives haven’t been touched for about three weeks; so fingers crossed sometime in the next few days the archives will be restored! Which is obviously great; as well as being a website I do use this site as a diary of my thoughts. Obviously some things dont make it though, but often I look back through the archives and laugh to myself about things what has happened in the past!

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