Everything may not be as doom and gloom as it seems!

After yesterdays disappointments about not moving to Surrey; things have started to look up a bit, while trawling the jobcentreplus website I found a vacancy for an IT Trainer in the city centre. This is obviously great for me as I was at my happiest in work while working as an IT trainer back in 1999, but couldn’t find my way back into it without moving away from Plymouth, but this could be the perfect opportunity, it’s only 20 hours per week, but it still pays nearly £9,000 P/A, which is nearly £1,500 more than I get at Derrys for 30 hours work. There are probably more qualified people going for the job, but I cant let that stand in my way as I know I have a load of practical skills that these other people may not have, I just have to make my skills apparent on the application form, which I have front of me now. Assuming that I do get short-listed for an interview, I’ll have to keep the nerves in check, as I know that I will be nervous about it as it’s a job I really want, unlike the job in Derrys, which I didn’t care either way, so was relaxed as hell! I really hope that I get this job as it would be a return to happier times, and no-more damn dishes to wash, the only certainty is that I wont be going back to Derrys now, I am committed to leaving that place for good, mainly for my own sanity, but the increase in money would be cool as well!

Now for something completely different! Pluto has be relegated to the second division of planets, it’s been demoted to a Dwarf Planet after scientists moved the goalposts of what constitutes a planet! Clearly these scientists have too much time on their hands, why spend so much time arguing over a lump of spherical rock in space orbiting the sun, just leave the poor little planet alone, it’s been classed a planet for ages, why change it now? it’s a pointless exercise! Now the bigger planets will pick on poor little Pluto and steal it’s packed lunch!

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