I can’t think up a clever title, so I won’t!

Let’s start with Friday night, went out to the Jazz Cafe, yes, that’s right, you read that correctly, the Jazz Cafe on the Barbican in Plymouth and I have to say that it wasn’t too bad, and certainly a nice change of pace from JFK’s. We went there for a surprise birthday bash for Nic, and absolutely loads of people turned up, pretty much the whole of Goss Interactive past and present, which was nice for Nic as it was a celebration of his 40th birthday. I spent most of the time speaking to Darren, as I didn’t really know anyone from Goss apart from a select few that Stephen had introduced me to. Afterwards I got talked into going up to the Quay Club above the Jazz Cafe, which probably wasn’t a great idea given that I had work in the morning, which no-one else in the group had, and I paid for it in the morning and for the whole of the day, just as well there wasn’t too many dishes as I felt like I was going to throw up until about 2pm; which wasn’t a very pleasant way to feel in work!

Although Saturday did bring some good news, my second team of choice Liverpool came from behind to beat West Ham United by two goals to one with Daniel Agger and Peter Crouch rescuing the game for the reds as they celebrated 100 years of the Kop, and claimed their first Premiership win of the season, already five points behind leaders Manchester United after just three games. Plymouth Argyle on the other hand didn’t fair so well against arch enemy Stoke City, only managing a 1 – 1 draw, but I’ll take that as Plymouth were a goal behind for 40 minutes, and 10 minutes before the end. And that inspired signing by Ian Holloway was hero of the hour yet again, Barry Hayles, claiming his 3rd goal in five league appearances! But Plymouth looked the stronger of the teams, and should feel like they could have won the game if they took their chances. But the thing that amused me is that Tony ‘Judas’ Pulis got booed by both sets of fans, seems that he isn’t very popular with his own team’s fans, but I knew that as I work with a Stoke fan and it seems that it’s only the Potters chairman that actually likes Pulis, the Argyle fans reaction needs no explanation really! Plymouth is still well above Stoke in the league, with Plymouth grimly holding onto the top third of the table in 8th and Stoke are languishing in 15th at the time of writing. Although Plymouth will need to pick up the slack if they want to claim a play-off place come the end of the season, but I think we have the right man at the helm in Ian Holloway!

Formula One, Felipe Massa claimed his maiden grand prix win in Istanbul today ahead of championship leader Fernando Alonso, who brilliantly held off the challenge of Michael Schumacher in the closing stages despite having blistering issues with his tyres. If Michael did get past Alonso, Massa would almost certainly have to concede his lead to Schumacher, to give the German maximum points in the hunt for his record breaking 7th world title. Jenson Button finished as best of the rest claiming 4th place, which is another respectable finish for the Brit, and the best he could expect as his Honda simply wasn’t a match for the Ferrari’s and Alonso’s brilliance, Honda still have a long way to go yet!

Finally, I handed my official resignation in on Saturday, so it’s suddenly become very real, and at times I have thought, what the hell am I doing, leaving a stable job when I don’t have a confirmed job to go to! But it had to be done, that place was getting to me more and more, and was starting to spill over into my personal life, which simply isn’t on as when I took the job it was supposed to be stress free, but more and more crap has been dumped on me, so a change of scenery was needed, and I have some options in the pipeline, but plan to take a couple of weeks off before starting another job, its been 6 months since the last holiday!

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