Serious lifestyle change, maybe?

As mentioned in the last entry, I am thinking of handing in my notice at Derrys because of the way things are being run and the fact that more and more work is being pushed on me. The more I think about it, it’s becoming more and more likely to happen especially as I got called into the office again today, which I really can’t be bothered to go into, but suffice to say it wasn’t for a promotion! And even more than quitting, I am thinking of moving away from Plymouth completely, walk away from all the shit that has happened here and start afresh someone new, and that place is likely to be Aldershot in Surrey. Because Stephen is moving to that area to start a new job, he has asked if I was interested in moving up there with him, which would be good for me, some fresh scenery, and at the same time, we won’t be stuck in a town and not knowing anyone, that’s what has put me off moving away before, so this could be the perfect opportunity for me. And it get’s me away from my so-called family, the only person I would miss would be my dad, but plan to come back for a weekend about once a month to see friends and my dad. I will have just as much opportunity in Aldershot and the surrounding areas to get a job as I would in Plymouth and it’s about as far away from Derrys as I could get (well that’s not true, I could be on the other side of the world). I don’t have any real close friends in Plymouth, and the probably my closest friend here is moving to Surrey, so I am 95% certain that I will make the move, which is a big one as it will be my first time living away from my home town, but I feel that I need to make this move for my own sanity as I have become increasingly unhappy with work and life in Plymouth. The only other reason I would stay here would be if Helen were to make her feelings clear about me and there was a future for us as a couple, but I don’t think it’s going to happen, so a clean break would be for the best as my feelings for her is unchanged and working in the same place doesn’t help, in fact I would have quit a long time ago if it wasn’t for Helen! Ultimately I think this move is for the best as I am feeling more positive about things should I move to Surrey, guess I should make a start on that resignation letter then, need to hand it in by this Friday if I want to leave by next Friday. I have no sympathy for Derrys and especially not for the management who have constantly stressed and frustrated me over the past two years. I can see Stuart and Mark leaving as well once I have gone as both are stressed and frustrated as I am by the way the place is run and the fact that the pot-wash team is constantly being shit on; they’ll find a difference if all three of us leave!!!

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