Surrey, we have a problem!

You’re too fucking expensive! I told the boss my intention to hand in my resignation yesterday and later in the evening after making some phone calls; we find out that it’s completely unfeasible to move to Surrey because of property rental prices. In particularly the amount of money they are asking for deposit, the place we looked at wanted over £1600 before even moving in, and that’s one of the cheaper properties. So it looks like Stephen will have to take a room in a shared house and I will be stuck in Plymouth without a job and somewhere to live. I really don’t want to backtrack and say that I want to stay at Derrys now as I told a few little white lies about having a job already up there, and that it pays £14k p/a, which was a possibility as that was the going rate for a kitchen porter in the area, but I really don’t want to go to Derrys and say that it didn’t work out, and in real terms I wanted out of there anyway, you just have to read my previous blog entries to realise why! It just shows that I never get any luck in life, every time I try to get myself out of the hole I am in; I just get pushed back down, and it seems that my job has already been advertised on the Jobcentre website. Guess it’s for the best really, I just need to find work ASAP now because I can’t live on thin air and need to find someone to live as well, looks like a bed-sit for the time being at least, relocating really isn’t an option, I’d need at least a couple of grand in the bank to be able to do that, and current I have a minus value in front of my account balance! The job options seem to be limited in Plymouth; all the jobs that I can do are 30 hours or below, and the full time positions are all jobs I don’t have the skills to do, so in “technical” terms I am fucked, and all the jobs are low paid, mostly minimum wage or marginally above, so there’s no hope for escape, maybe I should join the other millions on the breadline and spend an unhealthy amount on lottery tickets in the vain hope of winning, why has life got to be so difficult? Guess it’s my bad luck being British!!!

There isn’t anything to shout about in football either, Plymouth went down to their second successive defeat at Home Park, although it’s not a league game, so the damage is minimal, cup games aren’t very important in the scale of things. Walsall only had one shot on target and scored from it, Plymouth looks threatening but the final ball let down the side, so slumped to a 0 – 1 defeat to a team two divisions lower than Argyle, the promising start seems to be fading fast at the moment. Let’s hope that Argyle’s away form continues as they visit Britannia Stadium on Saturday, for those of you uninitiated, that’s former manager ‘Judas’ Pulis’ team Stoke City’s ground! At least Stoke did equally as badly last night against league 2 opposition going down 1 – 2 at home to Darlington, which makes me feel better!

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