Three more working days.

And they can’t be over soon enough for me; if I was having doubts last week about whether I was making the right decision in quitting all evaporated today. I was back working downstairs in the restaurant again after working in the main kitchen for a week, and what a difference, back to the usual shit, they get someone in to help in the potwash, the swiftly move that extra person onto tables, so our extra man was in reality is another ploy to get another member of staff on the restaurant floor. But that really isn’t a surprise to me at all, it’s been happening for far too long to shock or surprise me. And of course because its been a busy day, I was left with a lot to do come the end of the day, luckily the new guy who is working upstairs in the main kitchen came down and lent a hand for the final half hour, which was a great help, else I would have been there until almost 6pm clearing everything, even with two people, we still didn’t get out until 5:35pm, five minutes late!

The 2007 Formula One calendar has been released today, and the second grand prix of Germany and Italy, Nurburgring and Imola have been axed from next years calendar, which was to be expected really as neither race adds anything spectacular to the season. But one bit of good news is that Spa Francorchamps in Belgium has returned to the calendar after a year’s absence, which is great as its one of my favourite tracks, and many of the drivers also rate the street circuit as one of the best, there’s nothing like barrelling through Eau Rogue with your foot flat to the floor, and it’s a spectacle to watch on TV as well, I would really love to experience it first hand, but somehow I doubt I’d be able to get my hands on a F1 car, or even something that fast, but it’s great news non-the-less!

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