Done and Dusted!

I am now officially unemployed again, and probably for the first time it was my choice, so the future is a little uncertain at the moment, but something will come along, it always does. I have the possible option of that IT training job, which is a bit hit or miss really, but you never know and another opportunity has come up, a chance to get back into sound engineering, but that is not certain yet either, but at least I can see light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak! Last night I went out with a few friends from work as well as my housemates. I was a little disappointed by the turn out to be honest, of all the people that I asked, only four people from work turned up, so thanks to Mark, Helen, Pat and Dave, also ex Derrys employee Stuart. It was a good night overall, although the night was sullied a little by a dislike of each other in the group, one group wouldn’t come in until some other people left. Although I can understand why, the partner of one of the invitees can get very loud and insulting at times, although I personally like that person, I can’t force others to like her, so that brought the night down a bit! And it put me in an awkward position, I didn’t want to just walk out and leave them sitting there, so I made an attempt to explain, but how do you tell someone that they are not liked by someone else, and in the end they felt begrudged because of it, which I can fully understand! Afterwards I went down to JFK’s, although I didn’t stay that long as I was feeling tired from the previous two nights events, and already knew that I had enough to drink, so stuck to Pepsi for the remainder of the night, and I cant say I was up for much as I left along with Nic before 1am, I really wasn’t up for a major night out, and nine straight days working has taken its toll on me!

While trawling through some friends pages on myspace, I found this rather amusing Item from my friend Simon, who decided to write a letter to a local hospital asking for a work experience place; and it reads as follows; I’m sure you’ll find it amusing if you have a sick sense of humour like me; and my friends as you can read below!

“Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to apply for work experience in your gynaecology department.
My name is Matthew Gardiner I am 19(ish) years old and have always had an active interest in vaginas. I have taken it upon myself to extensively research vaginas thoroughly since the age of 15 3/4s and have photographic evidence of many of my patients.

I feel that I would be a valuable member of your team for the time I am with you, in fact, it has been mentioned on more than one occasion that I have the hands of a godbut then again Ive also been told I have the tongue of a devil.

I am not actually a doctor but everyone has to start somewhere and I am extremely keen, enthusiastic and willing to get my hands dirty. Although as I am a beginner my Mum feels it would be best starting off with ladies with no vaginal problems (although if I have to I dont mind mucking out the stables for a day or two) and as Im not experienced in the older generation, I think 25 and under would be more appropriate.

I should mention Im a member of T.W.A.T.S (Teenagers want active training schemes) so you can be assured that I will rise to the challenge.

Finally, please be aware that I will not expect paying for my work experience as I have always believed that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
So if you can find an opening for me I would be very grateful as it would be a quick passage into your industry. I believe once youve given me the chance to get stuck in there youll find no reason to discharge me.

Many thanks for taking the time to examine this letter”

Well, there isn’t much I can say to follow that really, so I won’t bother, toodle pipski!

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