Don’t you just hate it…

…when a series ends on a cliffhanger? As previous mentioned I bought all four series of Bugs a couple of weeks ago, and have already managed to watch all 40 episodes, I have too much time on my hands clearly, definitely need to get a job! Anyway, the final episode of the final series ended with Beckett and Ros being kidnapped and Alex’s new husband being killed at the wedding reception. I know that I will never find out what happened as the last series was made eight years ago, and with programs like Spooks about, it’s not likely to have a fifth series comissioned (how about a movie then, Revelation Films?), much like Red Dwarf, which will probably never see a ninth series. I really hate cliffhanger endings to series as it leaves you hanging and looks like I will be hanging infinitely on this one. So c’mon BBC, I pay my licence fee, let’s have a new series of Bugs and Red Dwarf instead of all this crap reality TV like “How do you solve a problem like Maria” and “Fame Academy” – I thought the BBC was above all this reality crap, it’s more exciting watching paint dry!

And that concludes my completely pointless rant for today, as you can guess its been a slow day, nothing has really happened today, tune in for the next exciting installment!!!

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