Formula One or Playschool?

Since last Saturday’s qualifying session at Monza there has been a war of words between Ferrari and Renault camp. This all started when Alonso showed his displeasure at being demoted five grid slots for supposedly blocking Massa’s qualifying lap. And to be honest I think that Alonso does have a case, from what I could see, Massa didn’t have the pace to pass the Spaniard, so therefore could not have blocked him. But the worst came out after the race when Alonso’s engine expired, citing being demoted to 10th place as the reason for his engine failure as he had to push harder than normal. He said Schumacher was “the most unsportsmanlike driver in the history of Formula 1” and “No one has had more sanctions than him.” on Spanish radio. Now Schumacher’s manager Willi Weber has labelled Alonso “pityful” and demanded that Alonso apologises to Michael. Flavio Briatore also claimed that the FIA is stacking the deck in Ferrari and Schumacher’s favour, something that the FIA has rigorously denied. Briatore swiftly withdrew his comments when he realised that he could be brought up on charges of bringing the sport into disrepute. You would think that these people would learn to keep their mouths shut wouldn’t you? All this sniping doesn’t help anyone, it lowers the stock of Formula One and doesn’t do much for the reputation of the drivers either, just accept it and move on, the stewards decision is final and engines fail every now and again, it’s just bad luck, all you can do is be pragmatic about it, and look forward to the next race; not act like a five year old that hasn’t gotten their own way!

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