I’ve been very naughty!

I have been spending money that I know I shouldn’t, due to my current unemployment situation, self inflicted of course! I have bought all four series of the mid 90s series Bugs on DVD, but at £8.99 each, it’s a serious bargain, 12 DVDs for £36, it’s all‘s fault again, tempting me in! Also I have been going out spending way too much money lately, went out on Friday to celebrate my leaving of Derrys, then again on Monday night, and again last night, really need to cut out the drinking, going out isn’t so bad, its the alcohol that is the most costly, both financially and physically. I am even thinking of going out again tomorrow night to see a friends band play their first gig, and again on Saturday, another first gig for some friends of mine, I’ll just have to limit myself to £10 each night and leave the bank card at home, just to be safe; I obviously can’t trust myself to be sensible can I?

Some F1 speculation now, Heikki Kovalainen has been confirmed to drive alongside Giancarlo Fisichella next season for Renault as expected. Which heightens the speculation that Kimi Raikkonen will be joining Ferrari, but who his partner will be is still unconfirmed, at least until this weekend when Ferrari and Michael Schumacher will announce the future of the German and the team. Honda have been testing their new 2007 spec engine in recent days to try to steal a march on their rivals before the engines becomes subject to homologation, but this is a risky business as they have already have two engines blow up, so whether they will run the engine at Monza is unknown, but it could mean disaster or glory for Honda, I hope they use their 2006 spec V8 for races and develop their 2007 spec powerplant in testing, as the likelyhood of the next spec engine will be fragile under stress!

In technology news, Sony has announced that the European version of the Playstation 3 will be delayed until at least March 2007, although the release of the console in Japan and America will go ahead as planned. All these delays have come from Sony’s insistence on using their new HD Blu-Ray DVD technology in its PS3 console, apparently their is some issues to supply and demand of the Blue DVD laser diode, or something like that anyway. We wont see the first units in the UK until March at the minimum, although the price of £400 – £500 will put a lot of people off, I wouldn’t pay that sort of money for a games console, I didn’t buy a PS2 until the price more than halved its original price of £300!

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