Just for a change…

Plymouth Argyle have won a home game *shock, horror* Plymouth beat the Canaries 3 – 1 this afternoon. Plymouth’s first goal was more than fortuituous, being gifted to the Pilgrims by Norwich’s Gary Doherty who flicked the ball past his own keeper to give Argyle the lead after 14 minutes. Norwich held their own for the most part, but Argyle looked the slightly better team overall in the first half. After the half time interval, Plymouth doubled the lead from the head of Marcel Seip, which knocked the wind out of Norwich’s sails, and Plymouth claimed a third goal with an excellent David Norris drive from 12 yards out, although Norwich did get a consolation goal deep into added time. It would have been nice to keep a clean sheet, but a decent win is more important, and even more importantly, Argyle have taken that crucial first home win of the season. Plymouth have moved into 9th position overall, which is a vast improvement over last weekends 15th place in the league. Something else that cheered me up today was that Stoke have slumped to 22nd position in the league after today’s 2 – 0 defeat at Molineux! Liverpool also won their match at Anfield beating Tottenham 3 – 0 with all the goals coming in the second half courtesy of Mark Gonzalez (63 mins), Dirk Kuyt (73 mins) and John Arne Riise (89 mins). This win puts Liverpool in 6th in the league, five points off league leaders Chelsea, after Manchester United dropped the ball today only managing a 1 – 1 draw away at the Madejski Stadium.

Also I am hopeful of getting a job as sound engineer in one of the local venues in Plymouth, I won’t mention which one just yet, until I know what’s happening. The outgoing engineer said he would put in a good word for me, which is nice. So I am waiting on a reply about that, hopefully it would be good news as if I don’t get a job engineering I would have to start to think about getting another 9 – 5 job, which isn’t exactly what I want to do, it really doesn’t suit me as I need to be challenged and sound engineering does that and I enjoy it as well, so it doesn’t feel like a job as I want to do it. I would rather make a basic living from something I enjoy doing than make a bucket load of money from something I don’t really want to do, job satisfaction is much more important in my mindset!

Update [24/09/06 – 1:26am]: The venue in question has gotten back to me, and apparently they have two engineers already on the payroll, so I fail to see where Rich fits in really. Rather than just giving up I basically said that “if you need an emergency engineer, I would be available at short notice” – and hope that I pick up a few nights here and there. Once I can get a few gigs under my belt again, I know that it would be easier to get other engineering jobs in other venues, maybe even house engineer somewhere, but I am not giving up on it, even if I have to take an interim 9 – 5 job in the meantime!

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