Live Music

Last night I did go out as previously mentioned to The Hub to see Em Frente, Ghost and Eye, The Devilriders and Blue Angel, and I had a thoroughly good night out. It was good to get back to live gigs instead of clubs, which doesn’t even come close to the atmosphere of a live gig. I was pleasantly surprised by Em Frente, which features two friends of mine, Powelly and Shammy, who played a brilliant set considering it was their first ever live performance, sort of 80s goth, crossed with The Smiths. The Devilriders were amazing as ever, Ralph stole the show yet again, although that’s not surprising, he is a true showman, and Steve’s now legendary bass solos amazed everyone, a brilliant demonstration of how to play bass, of course all this is to mask Ralf’s retuning for the next song! I was a little disappointed by Blue Angel, the guitarist was massively out of tune, seeming like its an octave too low at times, which was picked up on by many of the guitarists in the audience, but thankfully he broke a string and had to borrow Ralf’s guitar and suddenly it sounded a million times better. The problem is that when you do covers, you need to either make it your own, or play it true to the original, and I don’t feel that Blue Angel did either last night; much to my disappointment as they were the band I expected most from, based on the last time I saw them in the Phoenix, although the lineup had changed since that performance almost two years ago in the Phoenix! I can’t say too much about Ghost and Eye as I didn’t really see the performance, I was stood by the bar catching up with friends for pretty much most of the set; but it sounded decent enough if a little repetitive at times!

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