Not exactly the perfect send off!

Last night was supposed to be Stephen’s farewell night before he goes off to Surrey to seek a better life, but yet again Nic ruined the whole night for every one. Leching each of the girls that was with us, two of them being Stephen’s sisters, and one of those was only 16, and Nic is 40 years old, which puts it into perspective. He constantly was trying to push himself on the girls, despite their obvious dislike of it, both of Stephen’s sisters were constantly walking away and coming over to us as they felt safer with myself and Stephen. When we finally arrived at JFK’s at almost 1am, his behaviour became even worse, he was following the girls to the toilets and loitering outside, and on several occasions grabbed the girls by the arm, trying to force his will on them. Both myself and Stephen had a quiet word about it, but he persisted and used what I said to him to his advantage to get Kelly to have a go at me, but she realised that I wouldn’t have said what he claimed! All I said to him was “you’re barking up the wrong tree, she isn’t interested in you” and he twisted that into “Jason said that you are only using me for free drinks” which Kelly told me about and I wasn’t happy to say the least as you can imagine, I wanted to punch his lights out, but Kelly managed to talk me out of it. You know the most annoying thing, he said he’s only coming out for one beer, then was going home, but when he realised that Toni, Kelly and Michelle were out, he decided that he was going to stay, and Stephen lent him the money, very stupidly as we now know. The night ended with me basically telling Nic to piss off, and we were all going around to Kelly’s, and Stephen added his piece as well, he seriously expected to get in the taxi with us, no-way was that happening, after the way he behaved towards the girls all night, did he seriously think that Kelly wanted him in her house after all that happened beforehand? He knew that he had done wrong as he walked behind us and sat on his own as we were in our little group. I don’t understand him at all, I was starting to think he was an almost normal guy last week, but this proves otherwise, and even worse he offered to buy Kelly and Toni a drink, then grabbed Kelly claiming she owed him a drink, that’s something that you never do, you shouldn’t buy someone a drink with the intent of having one bought back, if Kelly felt she wanted to buy him a drink, then fine, but forcing a 20 year old to buy him a drink is bang out of order. Maybe it was the Stella-act-a-twat, but I doubt it as I had three pints myself and I didn’t act like that, I think the alcohol just makes him even more lecherous, which is stupid considering Stephen and myself were also there and add the fact that Stephen is big brother to two of the three girls, and I have known them for more than four years now, so I feel a little protective towards them as well, and he was already skating on thin ice!

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