Not the same person I used to be!

Last night I went out to Rich’s birthday/leaving for uni party at the Viaduct, and that went well enough, everyone had a good time, and I saw two excellent bands, Grifter and The Bedroom Project. I should have just gone straight home from there, but stupidly I went to JFK’s, and now I really wish that I didn’t as that place brings out the worse in me. One of my brother’s friends decided that he was going to have a go at me, so I can tell that my brother has been telling tales about me, I know what it’s about, but I am not going to go into that here, let’s just say I have my reasons. Anyway, I just snapped and basically challenged this guy, and it would have kicked off big time. I would have probably spent the night in a cell and gotten banned from JFK’s, just as well that Stephen and Darren held me back. although my self destructive nature meant I trashed everything, including the computer, just as well its a tough machine, it non the worse for wear, just sporting a couple of dents, and I’m amazed that I didn’t destroy my mobile as well, as I threw it against the wall, amazingly, the sum total of the damage was a small scratch on the side. I don’t remember doing any of this though, I even walked out of the house and left the door wide open, I think I must have just blacked out with rage, seems that all those years of suppressed anger is starting to surface, and it’s always JFK’s that is the catalyst. I am not proud of it, but in a way it’s a good thing, releasing some of the anger that has been building up, but it really isn’t me, I normally walk away from fights, but now I seem to be more inclined to stand my ground!

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