Phoenix Reunion

Last night I went to see Lemanis, which features two of the old Phoenix sound engineers, and I have to say that the band were fucking awesome, blew every other act out of the water, and the other bands were excellent as well. When you hear comments from other band members that weren’t playing that night saying “I might as well give up now, I’ll never be that good” and “I pity the band that has to follow that performance” – you know that you’re doing something right! You can check out their music on their Myspace page, and I recommend that you do check them out and add them to your friends list, and definitely see them live if possible, it’s something that will amaze you in a world of manufactured pop songs that all sound the same! It was also good nearly the whole Phoenix crew were at the gig, pretty much all the sound men, myself, Phil, John, Rich and Paul, also the famous Phoenix sisters, Rachael and Tammy; it was a great night all round, despite feeling a bit ill!

In football related stuff, Plymouth Argyle could only manage a disappointing 1 – 1 draw at Home Park against QPR, who are struggling at the bottom of the table, it really was a game we should have won. But ultimately Plymouth were were outplayed by the London side on managing to grab 63% of the possession. It seems that Plymouth’s old problem of having poor finishing skills is still plaguing the team despite many new players being brought in over the summer, with both Paul Wotton and Paul Connolly wasting golden chances in the last ten minutes. Plymouth really need a Peter Crouch type player that happens to be in the right position to score goals, his goals may not be pretty, but very effective! It wasn’t a good day for my other team Liverpool either going down 3 – 0 at Goodison Park yesterday, Liverpool made too many mistakes and Everton capitalised on those mistakes, at the end of the day Everton were the better team on the day, so no complaints from me. Liverpool are already 8 points off league leaders Manchester United, although do have a game in hand over Alex Ferguson’s team, it’s safe to say that it’s not the way Rafael Benitez wanted to start his season; and will certainly need to improve if they are to become real contenders!

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