Hard earned cash!

Last night I found myself working at Voodoo Lounge taking money at the door for the live night there, not the most exciting job in the world as for the majority of the time I had nothing to do, so it was an easy 20 quid earned. I will be doing the same on Saturday evening, so it’s another 20 quid in my pocket. I plan to move onto engineering some nights at Voodoo when the new PA arrives in-house, so with a bit of luck I could have a similar role to what I had at the Phoenix doing a bit of everything, two nights on the door and two nights behind the mixing desk each week would mean about 100 quid; I could probably even work behind the bar if they required it as I have experience of that as well. 100 pound per week isn’t too bad considering it’s tax free as it’s under the tax threshold, although the Hub would be a better one to engineer as they pay 50 pound per night, but I guess I will have to work my way up to that, get my reputation back up to what it was before I took my sound engineering sabbatical; but I am feeling quite a lot more optimistic about things now!

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