In order of events…

I went out to Reflex and Flares on Friday night, I was supposed to be going to a live gig, but it didn’t happen as when I arrived at the venue, there was some sort of dance music playing and £5 entry, so I assume the gig was cancelled, so Reflex it was with Stephen and Nick. I have to say that I quite enjoyed the night, I enjoyed the Reflex part more, Flares didn’t live up to the expectation, but was cool anyway. Back to Reflex, I was being chatted up by a woman in her mid to late 40s, which was interesting as she was completely hammered and I was actually sober, I was still on my first pint. She insisted on kissing me, which wasn’t unpleasant, but I really wasn’t interested, so I told her my (fictional) girlfriend wouldn’t approve. Then later some other girls came up to us and decided they were going to hug me, and bizarrely discussed Iron Maiden gigs. Oh and I got congratulated for being a perv, because I was looking at her more than ample cleavage. The conversation went something like this; “are you looking at my boobs, you’re a perv aren’t you?” to which my reply was “yeah, if you put it on display, don’t expect me not to look”. It was a shame we had to leave them in Reflex as they looked like they could be good fun, but Nick wanted to move onto Flares, which was OK, but not as much fun as Reflex mainly because I was enjoying the female attention in Reflex, oh well it was a good night, and certainly worth the hangover in the morning, although I am still paying for it now, going out when ill isn’t advised!

Saturday afternoon was International football day and what a disappointing England performance, only managing a 0 – 0 draw at Old Trafford against Macedonia, especially after beating the same team away 0 – 1 just weeks ago. I have to give credit to Macedonia, who doggedly defeated against every England attack stifling any creative play from England. England were the better team on the day looking the more likely to score with Gerrard rattling the crossbar, Crouch having a header stopped by the keeper and Neville shooting over the bar from close range. But you’d have to say that its a case of “must do better” – England seriously underperformed, it should have been an easy win for the home team, but Rooney was completely lacking international form, he hasn’t been the same since his injury just before the world cup. I think that Steve McClaren needs to have a rethink on his team selection, maybe even bring Beckham back to see if he can make a difference out there on the right and bring Stevie Gerrard back into the middle of the park, maybe get rid of Lampard and bring in Jermain Defoe in place of Rooney, at least until the Manchester United man rediscovers his goal scoring form. Even Scotland managed to grind out a better result beating France 1 – 0 at Hampden Park and sit top of group B. Wales weren’t so fortunate, being beaten 1 – 5 at the Millennium Stadium in their group D fixture, Wales have a massive battle to get a sniff at a qualification place now; maybe a miracle will happen?

Finally F1, it looks like Michael Schumacher’s chances of winning a record eighth world title went up in smoke today literally as his engine went bang. It’s the first time the German’s engine has blown since Indianapolis 2001, Ferrari were due a failure, but what a cruel time for it to happen while leading the race, looking like victory was assured as he was matching Alonso for pace. But as things stand, Michael is 10 points behind Alonso, so he will need to win the next race in Interlagos, Brazil and hope that Alonso will have some sort of technical issue, accident or fail to score any points for the German to take the drivers championship by virtue of more race wins. But in real terms that’s unlikely to happen as Renault have very good reliability, Monza was a bit of blip for the French team, but of course someone else could run into Alonso and take him out of the race, dare I say it – Massa? Jenson Button had another strong drive to be the best of the rest behind the Renault’s and the sole remaining Ferrari finishing in 4th place after starting from 7th, Honda team mate Rubens Barrichello wasn’t so fortunate after a collision on the first lap damaging his front wing compromising his strategy eventually finishing in 12th, one lap down on the leaders.

Finally MKII; I have just realised that this site is three years old today, it was October 8th 2003 that I started blogging, so it’s happy birthday to my blogging life, during this time, I have had two jobs, three homes and wasted far too much money on beer and women…

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