It’s been a good weekend!

Guess it’s time to update the weekend’s events; firstly cheers to all the people that took the time to wish me a happy birthday, my Icelandic friends Arni, and Tomas, and all the people that made the effort to come out on Friday (and buy me drinks). Even if some of them didn’t stay long, namely Stephen, Nic, Darren, James, Chris, Martin and Phil, I appreciate that they made the effort, especially as some other people didn’t even bother replying to my text messages to let me know either way or wish me a happy birthday! Guess it’s times like this that you find out who your real friend are. But I had a great night, got way too drunk, although I was drinking for three, myself, Tomas and Arni, as Tomas & Arni couldn’t be there by virtue of living in a different country, so you are forgiven for not turning up ;)

Saturday continued the good weekend, firstly I didn’t have much of a hangover after the previous nights events, so that was a good start, and secondly both my football teams won, result! Let’s start with Plymouth Argyle and their excellent 0 – 1 win over Crystal Place at Selhurst Park. Sylvan Ebanks-Blake twice came close, firstly being twarted by Palace keeper Gabor Kiraly and secondly the post although Nick Chadwick reacted quickly to Ebanks-Blake rebounded shot to give the visitors the lead on the 39th minute. Palace piled on the pressure in the second half, but it was in-form Luke McCormick that neutralised their three pronged attack, making a number of excellent saves to keep the Green Army in the lead! Plymouth have moved upto 5th in the league again, at least until the game at Home Park tomorrow against 11th placed Ipswich who just came off a 5 – 0 drubbing of Luton Town at Portman Road, so it will be a tough game for the Pilgrims, but I am confident that we can get a result with the Green Army behind them, just a shame I don’t have the money to be at Home Park tomorrow. Also Liverpool won their home fixture against Aston Villa 3 – 1, consigning Villa to their first defeat in nine games in the Premiership. Dirk Kuyt put Liverpool in front with a trademark power volley to leave Villa keeper Thomas Sorensen with no chance, Peter Crouch doubled the lead seven minutes later, and Luis Garcia put the game beyond doubt shortly before half time. Aston Villa did get a goal back 11 minutes after the restart, which is always worrying for any Liverpool fan, you just have to look at the way they’ve thrown away big leads this season to realise why; but it wasn’t to be for Villa, finishing the game two goals in deficit to the Reds. Hopefully this will be a turning point for Liverpool this season, although winning the Premiership looks very unlikely at the moment sitting in 8th, eleven points off league leaders Manchester United, and you don’t see United or Chelsea dropping enough points for Liverpool to close the gap, best Liverpool can hope for is a Champions League spot I reckon this season, anything else would be a bonus!

There was a worrying part to the weekend when I thought my computer was fucked, it kept on turning itself on and off completely randomly for no apparent reason. But it seems the problem lies with my force feedback steering wheel, as that was the only thing that I recently connected to the computer, since I have unplugged it, the computer has been back to its usual stability. Which is a good thing, it’s cheaper to get a new steering wheel than a new computer, and I don’t think I could live without a computer and the Internet these days, it’s amazing how reliant we’ve become on the Internet and computers!

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