Nothing for 8 months…

…then two come along at once, yes I have another gig to engineer tonight, this time four bands, assuming that all the bands actually turn up. Although I expect to cop some stick from the bands I have have no monitor mix to use for two reasons, there are vital cables missing to connect the monitor amp to the speakers and secondly the auxiliary channels don’t work on the desk. But it’ll be good to get back into engineering as I have the most basic of setup, kick drum, and vocal microphones, for two reasons, one the PA really doesn’t have enough power to run a full sound output, and I don’t have any dedicated instrument mics to use on the bass (DI) and guitar cabs or drum kit. I have to use a cheap vocal mic for the kick drum, so I expect that to sound more ‘tap, tap, tap’ rather than ‘thump, thump, thump’, and number two I only have two functional mic stands to use, none of which are suitable for instrument use. But I enjoy a good challenge, and it will certainly be that, just a shame that I have a cheap 10 channel desk, 6 mic inputs and two stereo inputs. Yes I know that only makes 8 channels, but the stereo pairs of inputs (L+R) count as one usable channel, or else you’d only get sound from one of the stereo channels. Despite all the things that aren’t quite right, I will still enjoy the night, testing my skills as a sound engineer to make it sound good with limited equipment I have at my disposal, never mind; something much bigger and better will be installed in the very near future, and I really can’t wait to use that as it’s shaping up to the best rig I have ever used in my relatively short engineering career! Strangely enough the rig I am using tonight is very similar to the rig I started out using in the Phoenix, it’s a smaller desk than the Phoenix, but the same brand and model, just that it has 4 less usable channels, and a lesser amp setup, only an estimated 2.5Kw as apposed to the 7kw that the Phoenix had at the time. The guys that own the PA reckon that it’s 7.5Kw (which I reckon the speakers are capable of, but the amps arent), but if an acoustic guitar can make the top amp clip very easily that is a serious overexaggeration on their part.

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