Total Astonishment!

I have just read this article on the BBC news website, and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. English councils are planing to implement chipped refuse bins, that will charge homeowners and tenants an amount of money based on the weight of their refuse. It’s not enough that we have to pay extortionate rates of council tax, which pays for refuse collection among other things, and they have the cheek to charge people extra money based on refuse weight. All this is in an effort to make people recycle more as recycling refuse would be free collection, but like many people I believe that we should get some sort of reduction of council tax if you recycle, as they want you to clean all cans and bottles out before throwing them into the recycling box, so they expect you to take time out to clean out cans and bottles, then sort it into recyclable and non-recyclable refuse! It amazes me that they can even implement this sort of thing, are they trying to get some sort of public uprising? Because that’s what they are going to get if they keep coming up with this sort of bullshit as it will be the people on the breadline that will be hit hardest yet again!

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