Trials & Tribulations

Last night really didn’t go to plan, I was told that the PA *should* be already set up, and all I would have to do is connect the multi-coil to the sound desk. But in reality that didn’t happen, the PA was piled up in the corner and the amps were locked away in a cupboard downstairs, and the cables were all over the place. So I had to track down all the parts and build the PA from scratch, just as well there was a set of trucks available to lug the speaker into place, I certainly wasn’t going to carry them. I eventually got the PA up and running with about 15 minutes to spare before opening, but there was a slight problem, I had no bands to engineer for, and only one band turned up in the end, a two piece acoustic act, and about 20 people to support them, so the night wasn’t exactly very good, but the night managed to break even somehow, although I took £10 less than I should have to make the night break even. But despite all the trials and tribulations I actually enjoyed the night, it felt good to get behind the desk (officially) again for the first time in 8 months, and having to build the PA also added to it, I like to get my hands dirty so to speak; so it was all good!

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