With the penultimate race looming…

…and it’s time for a Formula One update, firstly I have to start with the points difference between Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso being zero and Schumacher snatching the lead by virtue of winning more races after winning the Chinese grand prix last weekend. Fernando Alonso doesn’t seem to be half the sportsman I thought he was, constantly running his mouth to the Spanish press over the last two race meetings, especially calling Schumacher the most unsportsmanlike driver in F1, then going on to say his own Renault team wasn’t behind the retention of his world title this year because they didn’t want the coveted no. “1” going to McLaren with Alonso next year! Alonso really needs to keep his mouth shut and do his talking on the track, something that Schumacher has done this season, never moaned or bitched about his misfortunes, just got his head down and got on with it, something that I can respect, and I am not even a fan of Schumacher. But if bad weather hits Suzuka on Sunday I can see Honda and Jenson Button springing a surprise, maybe even snatching the win away from both championship contenders. The Honda drivers have shown that they are are rain specialists, in particularly Jenson who stormed from 7th to 4th in last weekends grand prix of China when rain started to fall in the last couple of laps. I would love to see Jenson take his second career victory in front of Honda’s home crowd in the last grand prix at Suzuka for at least five years. And Rubens to take victory at his home grand prix of Interlagos, Brazil; something that has eluded him up to now, but I know in reality that probably wont happen. So in conclusion I would like to see Honda finish the season strongly, with Schumacher taking the world drivers title, mainly because I am fed up of Alonso’s cry baby attitude, what’s even more annoying is that he keeps on retracting what he says, if you are going to make a statement, stand by it!!!

I was hopeful that I would be getting a night behind the sound desk at the Hub this Saturday, but that fell through because of a miscommunication between Phil and Annie, I was called up by Phil about doing the night on Wednesday, then I find out that someone else was found by Annie. I would make more sense if they had one person in charge of finding engineers, then this sort of thing wouldn’t happen. Luckily I didn’t cancel my plans for this weekend as I had a feeling something like this may happen. I have to make it clear that it wasn’t a guaranteed night, Phil only called me in a speculative manner to see if I was available, but its disappointing as I am desperate to get back into engineering again as I really enjoy doing it. I’d rather do a job I like for less money than do a 9 – 5 job which I dislike for more money, as long as I have enough money to live on, I’d be happy!

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