Worrying Times!

Plymouth Argyle manager Ian Holloway has said that he aims to get the Pilgrims promoted to the premiership, and that seriously worries me as every previous manager that has said that upped and left come the end of the season. I really hope that Holloway isn’t like that, only using Plymouth as a stop gap until something better comes along. But I do think that it’s too early to start making such claims, Argyle have made a good start to the season occupying a top third position in the league, but it’s a long season and a lot could happen between now and the end of the season; Plymouth need to make baby steps, one match at a time, and the next challenge will be to win on Sunday afternoon when we play host to Derby County at Home Park, let’s hope the home jinx has be put to bed now after the 3 – 1 win over Norwich two weeks ago. I would love to see Argyle top the league and get promoted this season, but as a long time Argyle fan, I’ve learnt to not get too expectant about Plymouth results as every time I done that in the past I have been disappointed, so I keep my expectations low, then I can only be surprised should Argyle do better than I expected!

This could come under the above title aswell, just been reading this article on the Register, which pointed me to this article, an online column from the Daily Mail. Apparently “Googlers and bloggers do not have an original thought between them” – what a complete load of bollocks! But what do you expect from a old Tory, no idea of what is going on in the modern world, we are not living in the 70s anymore Mr. Keith Waterhouse, well done for pissing off most of the younger generation! *stands and applauds* [insert expletives here]. For your information Mr. Waterhouse, like many other bloggers I always acknowledge the original article or blog by linking to the original article that I quote, and add my own perspective in my own words on my own blog; I don’t need to steal other peoples words!

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