Today has been a complete wipeout, I have achieved nothing of any use today, been feeling so incredibly tired all day because of my hectic schedule this week. I have worked 5 out of the last 7 nights in various clubs and venues, and all the late nights has taken it’s toll. When I say late nights, I am not kidding, Friday I got home at 3am, Saturday at 4:30am, Monday at 2am, Tuesday at 5:30am, Wednesday at 4:30am and finally last night at 4:30am. I could have got home early on many of those night’s, but decided to be sociable and hang out with the Voodoo staff after hours. I’ve already explained about Monday night, so I shall start with Tuesday night, it was open mic night at Voodoo and I had a cobble some sort of PA together as the previous engineers owned the sound desk that was used. First thing I find is that the amp wasn’t firing all cylinders, with only one channel working, so I had to drag the monitor amp down from upstairs, along with cables, mics, stands and various bits and bobs. Once I got over the initial teething problems, the night went pretty smoothly. I stuck around at Voodoo until closing time and ending up going off to the Skiving Scholar until 4am with Jim and Geoff of Schiztome fame. Wednesday night I was called into Voodoo as no-one knew how to turn the new sound rig on, I got a night of free beer out of it, besides it’s my sort of music, so I was happy to enough to drink and monitor the rig! Last night I was at The Hub taking photo’s for Loud Arts, which was a good enough night, Schiztome rocked the place, and the headliners Dry Kill Logic weren’t bad either. But I missed the third band, Ryuken because I had to run up to Voodoo to turn on the PA again for surprise DJ night that no-one knew about until the last moment. It was a nice quick one, the DJs did everything right apart from un-mute the crossover and turn the volume up on the amps. While I was there I also set up a monitor mix onstage so the DJs can hear what the hell is going on. I ended up coming back to Voodoo after being chucked out by The Hub mainly to check on the PA, but there was no need really, it was exactly as I left it! So that was the week that was; and today I simply couldn’t do anything, I had an opportunity to go out again tonight and even work at The Hub, but I simply don’t have the energy, and I am working behind the sound desk again tomorrow at Voodoo, so it wouldn’t be wise to have another late night! Oh speaking of the desk, we now have a brand new Allen & Heath desk in place and it sounds good, well it does with CD’s anyway, we’ll find out tomorrow if it sounds good with live music, but I suspect that it will sound sweet, best desk I have ever worked with. The only disappointment for me is that the desk doesn’t have pre-fade indicators on each channel, but that’s nitpicking really, if you’re technically minded this is the desk we have!

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