Better start for England!

On the first day of the second test in Adelaide; England won the toss and elected to bat and posted a very respectably 266 runs for 3 wickets at the close of play yesterday. It wasn’t the most exciting of innings, it was slow going for the English batsmen with Australia restricting the batsmen to two to three runs per over. The England openers disappointed again only managing a partnership of 41 runs; things started to pick up with Ian Bell and Paul Collingwood adding 113 runs, then another partnership between Collingwood and Pietersen of 108 at the close of play. So it seems that the in-form players are Bell, Collingwood and Pietersen at the moment, and long may it continue, but openers Strauss and Cook really need to get their act together. Collingwood finished the day on an undefeated 98, hopefully he’ll get his hundred when play resumes at 12:30am UK time. Of course the big thing at the moment is the decision to play Harmison over Monty Panesar despite playing awfully this tour, he has a lot to prove this test, if he does nothing again, he needs to make way for Panesar. I have to say I really enjoyed Pietersen frustrating Shane Warne, the Englishman certainly having the measure of the Aussie, providing Pietersen survives the first few overs of day two, I reckon he’ll go on to make a century and more. Which will obviously be great for England’s cause as realistically they need to make 450+ to stand any chance as we know Australia will come out with all guns firing and are quite capable of scoring 600+ runs!

Been reading all this bollocks about the government proposing a “pay as you drive” system where the more you drive, the more you’ll be charged. What the fuck is with the damn government, it’s just another way to tax the underpaid people of Britain to line the pockets of the politicians and fund pointless wars. They say that it *could* replace the road tax and duty on fuel system, but we all know it won’t happen. This has all come around because of the concern about global warming and climate change, who’s to say that it wasn’t going to happen anyway? We are probably accelerating the effect with pollution, and I do believe that the superpowers like China and the US are ignorant to the problem because it’s not in their interests, and ultimately are forcing this world into another ice age. American’s are definitely the worst, not necessarily the people in general, but big corporations and governments, seriously is it really necessary to make cars with such big engines, it’s not like you can use all that power as 80mph is the fastest you can travel on US roads, and a 1.6 litre engined car can easily do that sort of speed, so why is there a need for 4 – 8 litre cars?

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