The Ice(landic)man commeth!

My Icelandic friend Tomas is as I type on the slowest transportation system in the world, commonly know as the British railway system from Stansted airport. I have been ordered by Tomas’ better half to make sure he survives the weekend and that I should carry him home if he gets too drunk… wheel barrel on standby then, it’s a long walk back to Iceland! Of course the main reason that he is coming over is to see the mighty Iron Maiden in concert at the NIA in Cardiff, also going will be Martyn and Darren which is good as we can grab a lift up with them and contribute towards petrol money, certainly cheaper than catching a train to Cardiff, should be a great weekend, but I suspect Tomas has been tamed now that he has attached a ball and chain, hope Kolla doesn’t read this ;) just as well I don’t have comments on the blog! I can feel his influence already, he must be getting closer; I am already doing stupid things, I put the milk in the cupboard and the sugar in the fridge… dear oh dear!

Despite this weekends future events, I am seriously worried about this computer, I have already written about the random powering up and down, but this morning I couldn’t even turn the machine on. Then suddenly late this morning it sprung to life and has been alright, but I am now afraid that if I power down, it won’t power back up again. I don’t have any backup computer, and no funds to buy a new one, so that’ll be it for my computing life for the foreseeable future, no computer, no internet, what will I do? it’s a scary world out there!

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