Just had a visit from a Cross Keys agent who are now apparently selling the house, and the owner has said to them they can come around whenever they want to view the house. I find this totally unacceptable; we are paying well over the odds for a house of this size, and yet we seem to have no rights whatsoever, as there wasn’t any sort of contract drawn up, officially we don’t even live here in the eyes of the law, although that can work in our favour as well. We could make life very difficult for him, change the locks, stop paying rent and become squatters, it’ll take months maybe even years to get us out! My housemates seem to be very reluctant to move out because of moving stuff, Sky TV, phone line and internet connection, but as I am the one at home when they come around as I work nights, I am not willing to put up with it, so I am thinking of getting a bedsit somewhere on Mutley. It’ll be closer for work, and would cost about the same, I would have to live without Sky TV and even the internet for a while, but I can live without those things, they are not essential!

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