Cyber Dating?

I have been really fortunate to meet a really nice woman online, we get on amazingly well, and enjoy each others company and have spent nearly two hours talking on the telephone, despite me nagging her not to, as it isn’t cheap calling internationally from mobile phones. Anyway I really do like her as a person and she has a seductive look about her that I find very hard to resist, but the big problem is that she lives on the other side of the Atlantic in Arizona, so we can’t exactly pop out to a local bar for a few drinks. The more we have chatted I have found myself being more and more attracted to her, and I think that the feeling is mutual, but I could just be getting the wrong end of the stick, but I really don’t think so. Why I say that is that she has sent me some seductive photos which I am sure she doesn’t just send to anyone. I am a little scared to get too attached as I know that she is thousands of miles away and the other niggling worry would be that if we did meet, would we be so compatible in the real world? She makes me smile every time I talk to her, something that I don’t do enough of really, and I feel really good about things when we are chatting. The more I get to know her, I think that she is all that I would want in a woman, and she seems to like everything that she finds out about me. But this does make me wonder why fate is so cruel, she may be the woman I could spend the rest of my life with, but thousands of miles make it almost impossible as neither of us have the capital to pay a visit to each others respective countries. I have mixed feelings, everything feels right so I am happy that I have had the fortune to meet her, but frustrated that she is so far away!

Something happened over the weekend that really made me happy, and that was Liverpool beating Chelsea 2 – 0 at Anfield. Liverpool took advantage of Mourinho’s weakened team pretty much wrapping up the game in the first 17 minutes. Dirk Kuyt opened the scoring just four minutes into the game converting a superb pass from Peter Crouch, then Jermaine Pennant’s dipping volleyed shot doubled the lead in the 17th minute. Liverpool could have made it 3 – 0 in the second half, but John Arne Riise was denied by the woodwork! I know this game was against a severely weakened Chelsea side, but it’s still a very sweet victory and the Reds move within five points of the champions. Arsenal are still chasing hard beating Man Utd 2 – 1 at the Emirates Stadium, so remain one point behind Liverpool!

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