Self Restraint!

Or more to the point, the lack of self restraint. I ended up drinking last night while working at Voodoo on open mic night, which wasn’t good as I spent £20 of the £30 I earned on the night. The problem is that for the first two hours there was nothing to do as there wasn’t a guitar in the house, so I just stood at the bar knocking back pint after pint. The net result is that I will be struggling financially this month, I really should cut out the drinking while working as it defeats the object of working! But I made some more contacts for the DJ night, so it wasn’t a complete wipeout, the night is coming together now. I asked Steve, a part-time DJ at Voodoo Lounge who has a load of classic rock stuff, which is something myself or Stephen don’t have, so he should compliment our music collection! I have been promoting the night on myspace a lot over the last couple of days, trying to drum up support for the night, also going to put up some posters around in Voodoo when I am in town tomorrow.

More bad news on the sporting front as well, Liverpool were humbled again by Arsenal in another cup competition being hammered 3 – 6 at Anfield. That’s twice in four days Liverpool have been embarrassed by The Gunners. Arsenal’s Julio Baptista was the man that did the damage scoring four times during the 90 minutes, even Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez apologised to the fans for his poor squad choice with only two players surviving from the 3 – 1 FA cup defeat on Saturday. Liverpool never really looked like being at the game, Arsenal outplayed the Merseyside team comprehensively; hopefully this double cup exit will make Benitez and his team get their act together to take the only trophy available to them now, the champions league, the premiership title is out of reach!

Then we come to cricket and another poor batting display from England being beaten by 77 runs in the Twenty20 match against the Aussies. Australia gave England a cricketing lesson notching up 14 sixes during their 20 overs to post a record total of 221. England’s top order batsmen collapsed as we have become accustomed to which left England 78-6; it was only Jamie Dalrymple and Paul Nixon that made the score up to something more respectable. Not the start that Michael Vaughan would have wanted for his first match back in more than a year. I think that England will need to look at their team selections for the world cup which will be in Twenty20 format, we need to get some of our specialist Twenty20 players into the team if we are to mount any sort of challenge in the world cup competition!

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