I can’t help being a little disappointed!

Plymouth Argyle could only manage a disappointing 1 – 1 draw away at Loftus Road. I say I am disappointed because of recent good results against mid table Colchester and top of the table Derby County in the FA Cup. So obviously I thought that a trip to struggling QPR would be a walk in the park compared to recent opposition. But I was wrong QPR held their own for the most part keeping the Argyle strikeforce at bay, and even made Luke McCormick earn his money in the Argyle goal. Lilian Nalis opened the scoring in the 32nd minute with a headed goal from 8 yards out after a clever flick on by Krisztian Timar. At this point I thought that Argyle was going to run away with it, but sadly that wasn’t to be, QPR played well, thwarting Argyle’s attempts to extend the lead. QPR eventually made a breakthrough in 59th minute in controversial circumstances when Lee Cook volleyed his initial parried shot past the Plymouth keeper! I say controversial because Ian Holloway felt that Luke McCormick was fouled during that goal, I can’t say either way as I haven’t seen it, but from what I know of Holloway he doesn’t make false accusations. Argyle finished the game with 10 men after Lilian Nalis was sent off for a second bookable offence when he kicked the ball away in the 80th minute. Which is a pointless sending off in my opinion, these players need to learn to keep their emotions in check! If Argyle were at full strength the Pilgrims may well have grabbed a late goal to take all three points! This result means that Plymouth have dropped back to 12th being overtaken by Crystal Palace, although Argyle have a game in hand over Palace! But all this doesn’t matter, next Saturday we have Stoke City at Home Park, and I am definitely going to that game to throw some abuse at ‘Judas’ Pulis with the rest of the Green Army; a 6 – 0 win would nice if a little unlikely!

Last night was a good night at work, but highlight for me was seeing Grifter playing live for the first time in absolutely ages, and I have to say they have gotten even better. There was loads of people in the house, so I had the opportunity to push the system harder than I have done before, and even Voodoo manager Pete was astonished at how good the sound was. It was the best sound I have ever had at Voodoo, but having a packed room was a massive help to that, if I ran the system at that level when empty, it would have sounded horrendous! It would be nice to have nights like this more often, it was a complete contrast to Monday night which just sounded a mess because there was only 11 paying customers + bands and guest list, it just shows that the amount of people in the room can make an astonishing difference! But things will be improving again, the stage will be painted black and a whole new lighting rig will be installed. The owner of Voodoo is willing to spend out money if we can show that the nights can make money and that means that bar takings need to be decent, and on Saturday the bar took nearly £1000, so more of that means more new toys. There are still little things that need sorting out, like those annoying bars in front of stage, and a proper stage area built among other things, but it’s improving all the time!

The relationship with Lindsey is moving along nicely, we speak for hours on end pretty much every day, it seems odd when we do have a night apart, we have both gotten used to seeing and hearing each other on a daily basis. If anything my feelings have gotten stronger for her which makes me want to make it work more than ever. I know that she has some reservations, she wants to meet me in person, she is afraid that I won’t feel the same when I do meet her. I personally don’t see this happening, but it’s hard to predict what will happen in life, I just hope that there will be a spark when we do meet. I do feel that there will be from what has been expressed online, meeting in person is another matter completely, but if I don’t go for it, I will regret it, wondering what could have been if I took the chance!

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