Something that is bugging me!

For years I have been baffled why people will pay up to 5 quid to go to club nights to listen to a DJ play CD’s, but aren’t willing to spend 3 quid going to see three or four live bands! Or in the case of Wednesday nights only 1 pound entry; for example a few people came in on Wednesday, paid their £1 then realised that there was a live band playing and went downstairs until the band had finished and the club night kicked off. Would it be so hard to sit down and listen to the band, at least give them a chance before leaving. It’s so annoying from a promoters point of view that people would rather pay to listen to CD’s that see a live band putting on a show. I personally think that live music is much better than a club night, most club nights bore me, that’s why I hardly go to JFK’s any more, it’s the same shit every week, I’d much rather see a live band, even if it wasn’t my type of music than listen to a DJ play, I can listen to those songs at home! We have such a wealth of talent in the city of Plymouth and surrounding areas, yet most bands never get a crowd of any size in to see them despite only being a few quid entry. A good example was Monday night, 11 paying customers to see three bands, that’s less than four people per band, which astonishes me!

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