Breaking Point!

On top of everything else that I have had to deal with this month, now my iPod has fucking died, and it’s less than a year old. I threw away the box for it a few weeks ago, and now I have just realised that the receipt was in the box, so I can’t get a replacement. Which has obviously left me feeling pissed off, spending £240 on an iPod and it lasts less than a year, well anyone would be pissed off with that. I should have known not to get anything from Apple, but everyone kept on telling me how great they were and that I should get one. The net result is that I am reduced to my old £30 128MB mp3 player which incidentally still works fine after 3 years, but only being able to hold 20 – 25 songs after having my entire music collection with me is a bitter pill to swallow! What is really annoying is that it worked fine until I arrived in The Voodoo Lounge, I listened to it all the time while I walked in. I went into Voodoo, tried to switch it on and nothing, the only way I could turn it on was to switch the hold switch on and off. The iPod itself works fine, but I can control it as the jog wheel is completely dead so it’s basically a glorified portable hard disk now. I am now wondering what the hell else can go wrong, this has been a month of hell for me, I’m tempted to just say fuck it and not pay the phone bill and they can cut me off, I am really to the stage now where I have had enough of everything and just want to start again elsewhere as this life is getting me down at the moment; and I don’t see any sign of improvement soon!

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