Deep Trouble!

I now no longer have an Internet connection, it was switched off at 7am Wednesday morning and not having a net connection is driving me fucking crazy, and I also need to find somewhere else to live ASAP. I am staring down the barrel of a gun at the moment, I have three days to find somewhere to live and it’s not looking good; the only places that seem to be available is places out of town, which is not want I want, I have looked at a few places in Mutley, but they have either already been taken or I have been turned down in favour of someone else. If I can’t find anywhere by Monday I am going to have to sell everything I own, including the computer, so I will be offline permanently if that’s the case. I’d rather just sell everything and make some money out of it than just risk losing it or spending out loads of money on storage. I am fast losing faith in everything, every way I turn I get a road closed sign in my face and it’s not a nice experience, I have no idea of what I can do next, when will I find some luck, this month has just been a complete hell, what else can go wrong, maybe I’ll get killed by a bus, that would be a relief really, no more worries. I feel so isolated without the Internet, I have come to rely on it so much and it’s brought home just how strong my feelings for Lindsey are. I have been in contact with her via Gmail on my mobile phone, but it’s not the same and seeing her face and hearing her voice, maybe that’s the solution, sell everything and go to America, things can’t be any worse over there surely, at least I can be with Lindsey, right now I feel like the whole world is pushing against me.

Well, this is the last blog entry I will be making for the foreseeable future, as things stand, it could be months before I get back online and that idea is a killer, the Internet is such an integral part of my life, going without it for just a few days seems like the end of the world!

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