Get a life!

This article below proves that geography teachers are incredibly boring people.

“By launching a car designed to highlight the threat of global warming, in such a splendid institution as the Natural History Museum (with lots of clean and healthy children on hand), the folks at Honda must have thought it unlikely that anybody would find anything to complain about. Not so, as it transpires that The National Association of Geography Teachers have reacted angrily to the livery on the eco-friendly RA107. While it may certainly look very striking, the bumps and curves of the car have resulted in an unavoidable distortion of some of the planet’s features. Mr Brian Carruthers, Head of Geography at Stroud Upper School, said: “Just look at the photo, the Mediterranean is all squashed out of shape, while the Caspian Sea has been turned completely on its side.” He went on: “As if teaching children Geography wasn’t difficult enough, it also appears that India and much of China now have Indonesia in their place.” A source close to the team told us today that while they took on board the teacher’s comments, they felt that once the car was belting along at 200mph, nobody would notice a few missing countries.”


I just find it amazing that people have nothing better to do with their time that bitch about completely pointless things like racing car liveries. It doesn’t matter that a few countries have been misplaced in the livery, it’s the point of the livery that should be the focus, highlighting problems than man has created, you can bet that the teacher in question drives a gas guzzling car as well! It was a completely pointless comment that no-one cares about!

The English cricket team had an emphatic win over Bermuda in their first warm up game before the World Cup which kicks off in St Lucia on the 16th March. The English knocked up 286 – 8 wickets in their 50 overs with Jamie Dalrymple top scoring with 76, Ian Bell knocked up 46 and the returning Kevin Pietersen made a useful contribution of 43 runs. The bermudians feel well short of the total only amassing 45 runs from 22.2 overs to give the Englishmen a 241 run win. Yes I know that Bermuda are hardly world class, but a sterner test will come against the Aussies on Friday. England do have a psychological advantage over the Aussies beating them in the last 3 consecutive games the two teams have played! So I shall be watching that game with interest, it’ll be nice to make it four in a row!

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