Heartbreak for the Green Army

Plymouth finally bowed out of the FA Cup losing by a single goal at Home Park, but Argyle have nothing to be ashamed of, they were technically the better team on the day, but it’s the result that counts. On balance of play, Plymouth should have won the game, but England keeper Ben Foster and the brick wall that is Danny Shittu kept Watford in the game, making some spectacular saves and blocks including averting a sure fire own goal. It was a momentary lapse in concentration that cost Argyle when the Pilgrims defence failed to close down Hamuer Bouazza who curled the ball through the Argyle defence to defeat the hapless Luke McCormick. Plymouth did amazingly well to reach the quarter finals, getting to the last 8 when 13 premiership teams didn’t make it through that far, it just shows the spirit of the Argyle team under Ian Holloway’s management. You have to feel a little aggrieved by Watford’s tactics, blatant time wasting all the way through the match after they scored. I am disappointed to have gone out at this late stage, but I feel proud of the Plymouth boys for what they have achieved, we can take plenty of positives away from the match, we can compete against Premiership competition. Ollie still believes that Argyle can claim a play-off place, but I am more realistic with only 10 games remaining and 13 points to make up, it’ll be difficult, but we have to remain positive about our chances, anything can happen; Ollie has built a quality side since he took over at the start of the season.

I think that myself and Lindsey have sorted things out. We both know it’s going to take time to get back to where we were a month ago, but it’s making progress, which is good. Also I have been talking to a girl from Plymouth called Laura on mySpaceIM, she seems like a nice down to Earth sort of girl. But those words have cropped up again “you seem like a nice guy” – we are doomed to just be friends, but that’s fine, she isn’t my type anyway, but it’s cool to meet new people. I also saw Helen on Saturday, I don’t think she saw me though, she was meeting with a friend and walked in the opposite direction to me; she is looking hotter than ever, but that’s another one of my failed romances, mainly because she wouldn’t let me in, but that has been well documented on the blog over my years working at Derrys!

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