Last night was Alternation night yet again, and it was the best night we’ve had since starting charging on the door. 57 paying customers, which beats the previous record by one person, it’s starting to grow; hopefully word will start to spread now and more and more people will come each week. Right onto the subject matter; it shows how two faced certain people can be; people saying how the DJ’s are crap, then later spend ages on the dance floor. Then tried to suggest that Colin and Sam were pushed out with Voodoo saying that they wanted to move away from rock nights, neither of which is true. It looks like we haven’t pleased the heavy crowd that Colin and Sam used to cater for, we try to play an even mix of music styles, but it’s simply not possible to please everyone all of the time. Most people just sit down and have a drink while their type of music isn’t being played, then dance later; that’s the nature of night clubs. People who bitch about the DJ’s just because they don’t play everything they want to hear. There is only four hours to try to please everyone, that means a maximum of 60 songs based on 4 minute songs. I’d rather not go down the same road as the previous alternative night as in it’s final few months hardly anyone came to the night, which shows how two faced the aforementioned people are, they say they loved the format it was in before, so why the fuck didn’t they support the night? I really hate trying to promote anything in Plymouth, the people of Plymouth are so damn fickle, and moan about paying £1 to get into a club night, make it free and every man and his dog will come in, but unless Voodoo are willing to subsidise the night, that’s not going to happen any time soon, myself and Stephen don’t take any money from the night as it is!

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