It’s Over!

Two things that relate to the title; first being that I am giving up on Voodoo Alternation and other things that I do that doesn’t make me money, I’m fed up of being Mr. Nice Guy helping everyone else out at my own expense. I was sat talking to Damien who is head chef in The Voodoo Lounge after closing about the night and that I don’t make any money and he commented “I wouldn’t get out for bed unless I got paid” and I realised that I need to be more like that, I need to put myself first! The amount of times I have put myself out physically and financially to help others out is astonishing, it may make me friends, but it doesn’t get me anywhere in life. So in simple terms unless I am getting paid for my services I am not going to do it, I’m fed up of being used as a doormat. All this came from last night, although I did enjoy playing DJ for a night, it brought back some good memories, but it’s something else where I do all the work and other people get the benefits, I need to change the way I run my life, maybe even getting a day job and giving up on sound engineering so I can have a stable income where I am guaranteed a decent wage each month! It’s a tough world and I need to toughen up and stop being so fucking soft and start saying NO to people! In regards to the night, Steve and Kelly shared half the money each and swiftly left leaving me to walk home instead of offering me a lift home in the taxi knowing that I didn’t have the money to get home, so I was left walking the 2 1/2 miles home, which pissed me off, if I didn’t bother coming in, I would never have been in that position. Even if I shared the money out equally it wouldn’t be worth all the effort, £50 shared 4 ways, £12.50 each, and everyone else just turns up, I do all the ground work, research, acquiring the music to play on the night, all the promotion and design of artwork, all that for no financial reward!

Plymouth Argyle’s chances of a play-off place has completely gone now after losing 2 – 4 at Home Park against struggling Barnsley. I am not going to sugar coat Argyle’s performance as frankly it was rubbish, even Ollie has said they were rubbish, worst performance since he joined the club. When I checked the scores at half time, and saw it was 2 – 2; I expected Argyle to take the initiative, exert their superior skills and run away with the game, but it was Barnsley that gave Argyle a footballing lesson, so that’s 3 points from the 12 available, which simply isn’t good enough! This loss means that Plymouth has dropped a place in the table falling behind Sheffield Wednesday and if we lose our next game we could drop as low as 15th in the table, which is so fucking frustrating after the excellent start to the season!

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