Jammy Gits!

Yesterday Liverpool were beaten by a last minute goal at Anfield against Manchester United. Liverpool were the better team on the day, but sadly it’s goals that count. But you have to say that United keeper Edwin van der Sar has an amazing game denying Liverpool time and time again, Liverpool outplayed and outclassed United, but couldn’t find the back of the net. On reflection you’d have to say that the 0 – 1 scoreline was unfair to Liverpool, the difference was Pepe Reina’s error, spilling Ronaldo’s free kick allowing John O’Shea to poke home from 12 yards out. As much as I dislike Manchester United, they took their opportunity when it came up, so in that respect they deserved all three points, but on balance, Liverpool should have at least taken a point from the fixture. It just seems that United get the rub of the green most of the time usually late in the game, and the fact that Craig Bellamy had a goal disallowed for offside made it even more frustrating for the Liverpool faithful! But that’s way it goes, when you’re on a roll, results seem to go your way!

Work was good last night, it was a complete sell out, well to an extent being free entry, but it does prove that making it free entry brings people in. But are the Voodoo Lounge willing to pay the engineer and promoter a wage from the bar takings; the answer is no, although it would make sense, more people equals more money taken at the bar. Anyway, that’s beside the point, the night was amazing, and it was good to see Loggerhead reform for this one off gig. But the point of being at capacity meant that I could really push the system hard giving the subs a real workout, something you simply can’t do unless you have a load of bodies in front of stage. And the new monitor amp also helped the whole night along, the band could hear themselves properly, the pair of 20+ year old amps simply can’t compete with modern amps for power and clarity. Where as two 900w amps powered the four stage monitors before in bridged mode, one amp powers all four speakers in stereo daisy chained format. Our sound desk only has two pre-fade auxiliary channels, so we have no option, but it works well enough. Oddly enough the monitors don’t feedback as much as they used to with the old amps, very strange shit, but it allows for me to put many frequencies back into the monitor mix for better clarity for the bands. Right that’s enough techno-babble, I’ll leave it there before you all think that I am an even bigger geek that you do already!

Nothing else to report of the Lindsey front at the moment; she decided she was going to call me at 11am-ish, which would have been about 4am Arizona time, apparently she was at a house party and had a need to call me. I had been out myself after work, stuck around at Voodoo until closing, then for another two hours after closing, it’s better than paying over the odds at one of the 24 hour pubs around the city; nearly 3 quid per pint is excessive!

Ouch! Just got my mobile phone bill and it makes worrying reading; £114.53; guess that’s what they mean by the price of love… it’s worth the cost; I don’t regret making those calls!

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