Sixty Pounds

That is what it is going to cost me to get the iPod fixed, I suppose it cheaper than buying a new one, but it still bugs the hell out of me having to pay that since the iPod is less than 12 months old, but ultimately it’s my own fault for being so careless throwing receipts away. Today I only had my old 128mb mp3 player and it’s amazing how much I miss having the choice of music available to me, 22 songs doesn’t cut it, I have to keep on changing the tracks on the mp3 player every time I fancy a change. It’s amazing how reliant we become on electronics, we take it for granted until it’s gone, then we realise how much we actually rely on these gadgets. Talking of gadgets, Voodoo Lounge has bought an all new expensive lighting rig, which should be in by the end of this week, we even have a full DMX lighting desk to control everything, I really can’t wait to get my hands on it, lets face it the current lighting rig doesn’t really cut it, especially when power blocks keeping on blowing. Out of the 8 par 16 cans, only 3 of them currently work because something is blowing the power blocks, the cans themselves are fine. But the new lighting rig is all LED bulbs, so it will be just what the doctor ordered, and having full control will be great, so if everything is going well on the sound I can play with the lights as lighting engineering is another one of my many talents, it’s similar to sound engineering, but with lights; I’m well excited about it!

Despite what I wrote last night I paid that £75 into my bank account to cover that phone bill, at least next month my bill will be a more sensible £20 – £30, since Lindsey’s phone is out of action, although I have learnt the hard way about international calling, 500+ minutes multiplied by 16 pence mounts up to a lot of pounds, about 90 pounds infact!

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