I am very annoyed with work at the moment, I didn’t get paid tonight because of some mix up with money. The venue was hired out by a band and they told me that they’d paid the deposit and hire fee in two payments to the bar and now there’s no sign of either envelope with the money in them. The net result is that unless that money is found I will be £50 out of pocket, something that I can’t afford to be this month, I have lots of money to pay out this month. This is even more annoying as it overran drastically and I could have really done with a day off, if I have suffered through the night for nothing it will be a real pisser.

Cricket isn’t looking too good either at the moment, although England did beat Bangladesh by four wickets, it was hardly a convincing win considering the lowly target of 144 to win. England did well with the ball, bowling Bangladesh out in just over 37 overs and it was good to see Monty Panesar taking a few wickets. But again England were let down by their top order batsmen with the highest score of the innings being 30 and that was made by England skipper Michael Vaughan. The batsmen did better than the previous game with five of the six top order batsmen making it into double figures, Ian Bell went for a duck after only 10 deliveries, it was Nixon that steered England home yet again, but the performance hardly set the game on fire. At least the game ended in dramatic fashion with Paul Nixon hitting the ball out of the park only needing one run to take the game. The next game will be a tough one, England face South Africa, they’ll have to up their game to beat South Africa, then after they have the West Indies and both games need to be won to make it into the semi finals.

On the bright side I got my new mobile phone on Wednesday and I am well happy with it, much better than I expected it to be, I knew it was good, but it exceeded all my expectations. It’s a Song Ericsson K800i, it’s has a 3.2mpixel camera on it and it performs amazingly, it even has a real flash instead of the usual feeble lights that come on camera phones. I have managed to get all the numbers of people that matter in my life, so that’s good, I will grab the rest as and when I see people. Tomorrow, well today really; I am having a new phone line installed so I can take advantage of the £5 Orange Internet connection with live box which allows me to make free calls to American landlines and all UK landlines, but I have to wait until the 3rd May to take advantage of this as the new contract doesn’t kick in until then, things are slowly starting to come together now!

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